Wherever a business transformation requires support ...




Growing the business - either organically or through M&A transactions - is of vital importance for most businesses, typically while maintaining or improving the margin level
at the same time.  

To grow the business, a wide range of different drivers may be applied, either individually or - more often - a combination thereof : 

  • From a conceptual perspective, it is basically either bringing a new product into existing markets or an existing product into new markets. In reality, it is often a partial combination of both, reflecting the particularities of the type of product as well as the different market characteristics.
  • Sometimes it is not a new product or a new market, but rather an optimization by serving the individual customers in a more comprehensive way with the portfolio already existing, i.e. by improving the 'Share of Wallet'.
  • In other cases a shift of the business mix to strengthen the market position and/or to improve the quality of the order intake is the most promising approach, e.g. increasing the service portion of the business.
  • And there may be a need for internal optimization of processes to e.g. improve the focus of the sales organization, to fit the market strategy and that way, improving the utilization of the sales force.

   Therefore, for each case an individual growth program has to be defined and implemented.   

To drive growth played an important role in the majority of my engagements :