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Structure of CRM System

Turnaround of a Enterprise Software Company

Industry & Scope :

  • CRM software company based in Switzerland, with subsidiaries in Germany & Austria.

Role / Function :

  • Being Partner of the lead investor and in parallel CEO of the respective software company.

Business Context :

  • It was a late-stage investment, i.e. the company was already well established in the market and had an excellent reputation.
  • Due to an unfortunate coincidence of internal and external adverse effects the company got into financial distress.

Actions :

  • Reduced the cost base and discontinued the geographic expansion to compensate for the sudden market contraction (burst of the ‘Internet Bubble’).
  • Compensated the leadership vacuum, caused by the resignation - due to personal reasons - of the highly respected CEO and co-founder of the company.
  • Implementation of an appropriate controlling to achieve the required financial transparency and in order to improve processes and structures.
  • Focusing of the R&D activities to ensure the timely release of the new software version.
  • Preparations and initial negotiations for a trade sale to a strategic investor.

Outcome :

  • The company was back on its growth path and the operative turnaround was achieved.
  • The motivation of the employees and their faith in the company was restored.
  • Trade sale to the identified strategic investor was subsequently executed sucessfully.