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Global Business & Corporate Development within large technology group 

Distribution of local organizations

Industry & Scope :

  • Division of a technology group, for network control, protection, substation automation & communications for electrical power transmission & distribution.
  • 60 local sales & engineering offices, incl.
    assembly & services (see map on the right).

Role / Function : 

  • Corporate & Business Development Manager, being responsible for these local sales & engineering offices.

Bussines Context :  

  • These local sales & engineering offices executed the majority of the local projects of this division, however with limited profitability only.

Actions :

  • Hands-on support and coaching of local organizations in all business aspects. In
    particular the handling of more demanding projects and the development of these
    local organizations.
  • A thorough analysis of the local businesses across the globe showed that the worksplit between central and local units was not defined properly, often resulting in a suboptimal allocation of business execution.
  • Consequently, designed and implemented a new business model based on 'Certification'
    of the local organizations, optimizing the business scope executed locally, by reflecting
    on capabilities & capacities of the related parties.

 Outcome :

  • Substantial growth and in particular, significantly improved profitability.
  • The 'Certification' scheme remained in place for many more years, despite several reorganizations.