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Education :

  • Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from Neu-Technikum Buchs, Switzerland.
  • Master of Science in Computer Engineering from Boston University, USA.
  • Executive MBA in General Management from University of St.Gallen (HSG), Switzerland.
  • Additional training in Investment Goods Marketing, Corporate Finance, Law & Intellectual Property Rights, as well as Soft Skills and Change Management.

Professional Career :  

It basically consists of four phases, each one building on the previous ones and adding an additional set of skills and competencies :

  • Gaining a broad range of functional and management experience in a truly
    global environment of a large Swiss-Swedish technology group.
  • Specifically enhancing my competencies in international Sales & Marketing in
    two Swiss technology SMEs (security and software).
  • Strengthening my skills in Corporate Finance (Private Equity industry), Strategy Development and in General Management, including Board Assignments for various high-tech companies as a Partner of a Swiss Venture Capital firm.
  • Leading organizations in various countries for two different, global technology groups through phases of crucial business transformations, as well as developing new businesses by combining technical, financial and organizational competencies.

As a consequence, next to 'normal' operational management roles, leading different types of Business Development assignments or Business Transformation projects across the globe were part of my professional life throughout my entire career. Most of the time in a market-oriented General Management role, but also with a strong focus on the 'hands-on' implementation of Operational Performance and Business Excellence, sometimes combined with Lean Management. Covering the entire value chain from R&D and product management, sales & marketing, manufacturing, engineering to project & service execution.

For a complete and more sequential documentation of my professional activities and employments, you may wish to visit my profile on LinkedIn.