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Restructuring Projects 

A 'restructuring' is basically a set of corrective measures to ensure the economic success of
an organizational entity, and typically involves one or more of the following : 

  • Top-line measures to improve Order Intake and Revenue flow.
  • Bottom-line measures to improve Profit in absolute as well as relative terms.
  • Changes of the Business Mix to improve the quality of future revenues and/or implement a strategic re-alignment of the business e.g. by increasing the service business.
  • Adaptation of the business model.

... and in many cases, such measures have implications on the organizational structure.

Dimensions of Change

In case of comprehensive restructuring projects it may help to think in the following three dimensions :

  • Strategy
  • Structure & Processes
  • Corporate Culture

A crucial element of these three dimensions is the different amount of time they need to define and to implement. To define a new strategy takes somewhat in the range of weeks, to change structures & processes typically takes months and to adapt the culture takes years

Depending on the type of changes aimed at, a cultural change may be a precondition for a successful change. In such cases, these type of changes can only be developed to their full extend long-term

The main elements of a restructuring project are - amongst others - also part of Turnarounds.  

The main restructuring projects executed are :

... furthermore, there was an active involvement in many more - smaller - restructering projects.