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Comprehensive Restructuring and 'Cost-out' Project in France

Industry & Scope :

  • Product, project & service business for Fire Safety & Building Automation in France, i.e. the respective local division of a globally active technology group.

Role / Function :

  • Ensured - in a Consulting Role - the timely and successful implementation of a rectructuring and 'cost-out' project, taking over this role from a top-tier consulting company.

Business Context :

  • A comprehensive restructuring and 'cost-out' project
    with 20 subprojects to improve the top-line and the profitability with the support of a top-tier consulting company had been prepared.
  • The implementation of these measures did not proceed as expected.

Actions :

  • Creating a transparency of the dependencies of the various actions and an intensivied communication with all branch offices to improve the local 'buy-in'.
  • Tight management of the program office and support team. Further development of  improvement actions, as well as adamantly driving the implementation of all the actions.
  • After stabilizing the project, the remaining tasks were handed over from the program office to the local management team.

Outcome :

  • A positive acceptance and support of the program by the local organization.
  • The implementation well under way, and having already achieved higher savings than originally planned.