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Private Section of my Website 

This part of the website can only be accessed by entering the correct URL, and some pages are also protected by username & password.  

It is used to structure various pages with some more personal information. Depending on the content of the 'sub pages', they may have a separate password.  


Available Sub Pages :

Some brief information and pictures about my time in India in 2007 & 2008. Plus a sub-page with information and links to my picture galleries of by North Indian Bike Tour.

A few notes and two great videos related to my Motorcycle Accident in Greece in Novenber 2010.

The 'annual letters' related to 2014 and 2015 ( including a sub page for our trip to Tremp ) as well as subsequent years will follow.

Due to the move to Saudi & Bahrain in 2016, I did not manage to finalize the usual 'annual summary', but I started with kind of a specific 'blog' for that phase in our life. But unfortunately, due to time constraints ( because of high workload ), I did not manage to write as much as I would have liked.