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Saudi Society

The society in in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia shows some noteworthy aspects and elements, next to its special relationship to women, which will be collected on this page.

A must read ...

Understanding Arab Culture : one of the first thing I obviously did, was to look for a good store for books and office supplies. And naturally, everyone would recommend the Jarir Bookstores.

In this context, I also came across this book, which is simply great to get a better understanding for the local cultures of the GCC. It is written by a former British Officer and Diplomat.

Approach to foreigners : it is said that the Arab cultures are friendly and hospitable. Reflecting on my own encounters in shops, airports including security and customs, I fully agree. I always felt welcomed and people are supportive - clearly more than they are typically in Europe.

Ethnic stratification : in Saudi society there appears to be a well defined hierarchy of the different ethnical groups :

  1. Saudi Nationals

  2. Western Expatriates

  3. Nationals from neighboring countries

  4. Expatriates from Asia ( mainly India, Pakistan & Philippines )

Combining these two behavioral aspects, I often feel to be treated privileged here in Saudi Arabia.

... more to come ...