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My Move to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Many friends have asked me to tell them about my time in Saudi Arabia. Thus, this shall be kind of a 'story book' of my experiences in the context of working and living in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The focus of this 'story book' shall be mainly related to private and/or country-specific aspects. It only reflects my personal experiences, and therefore shall not be understood as a generally valid description or to give a balanced view of the different subjects.

A basic overview of locations and how we have approached the whole subject as a couple, you may find on the 'My Saudi Set-up' page.

The different 'stories', which I have experienced, the things, which have happend during that time in Saudi Arabia, trips we have made in the region, etc. you will find in the different annual 'blogs' :

In addition, for some specific subjects, separate pages have been set up (access via the left navigation bar).