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Provided Services


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Depending on the needs at hand, I am happy to support an organization in the form of :

  • ad-hoc assistance as a small Advisory Project in the range of a few hours or days.
  • a more extensive Consulting Project, where a specific solution or conceptual approach has to be elaborated.
  • an Interim Management Assignment for several months, including taking over the related operational and/or strategic management responsibilities.

This offers relevant advantages from a customer perspective

  • support during a critical phase by someone, who has extensive experience in managing similar situations
  • proven track record in managing such engagements in start-up companies up to leading technology groups
  • having successfully implemented business transformations across the globe


In the past, my engagements were typically either related to Business Development or Business Transformation, covering

or in case the focus is more on the Transformation of an organization, like

  • Improving the Profitability

[ Muss leitzlich immer im Rahmen eines Dienstleistungsvertrages erfolgen und nicht eines Werkvertrages, denn der Erfolg kann nicht garantiert werden ]