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Trinity College, Dublin

M&A Transaction & IPR Transfer

Industry & Scope :

  • Security Products at field level as well as management station level (i.e. software), which were brought into the large technology group via the Irish subsidiaries of the acquisition in India.
  • Product business in Ireland, incl. export, mainly to Europa and India and related R&D activities in India & Ireland.

Role / Function :

  • Project Manager for the entire transaction.

Business Context :  

  • The involved organizations and authorities for the transaction spread across India, Ireland and UK as the legal residence of the selling entities and Switzerland , Germany and Sweden as the legal residence of the receiving entities.
  • Due to large number of different external and internal parties involved, a wide array of diverging interests had to be taken care of by applying the required sensitivity.

Actions :

  • To be able to execute the transaction, the legal and financial structures as well as the shareholdings had to be adapted in a first step.
  • As a base for the different sub-transactions, business plans had been prepared. Subsequently, the related valuations and fairness opinions were arranged.
  • In order to minimize the potential risks from different perspectives, various options
    for the implementation were designed and a balanced solution was negotiated with all stakeholders.
  • Transfer of the ownership of related companies , as well as  concentration and transfer
    of the different Intellectual Property Rights to the designated future owners.

Outcome :

  • Transaction completed successfully, incl. approval by all public authorities involved and serving the interests of the different parties adequately.