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Trip to City of 'Tremp', Northern Spain

June 8th - 19th, 2015

City of Tremp in Northern Spain

It is obviously somehow funny to know that there exists a city, which carries the same name as you do. Out of that came the wish to visit the city of 'Tremp', which lies at the foothills of the Spanish Pyrenees.

From Wetzikon to Tremp

We organized the trip like the earlier motorbike tours. I.e. looking for nice routes and passes, whenever possible do not use any highway and typically drive between 250 and 350 km per day. Stay at nice places, where you can go out for a city stroll and have a dinner in the evening.

City of Grenoble

That way our route down to 'Tremp' led us through the canton of Valais, before going to Italy via the Great St. Bernard Pass and the Small St. Bernard Pass to France, where we stayed in Grenoble.

View on Tremp

We continued to Montpellier, spent one day in the State of Andorra and finally reached 'Tremp'. 'Tremp' itself is a small city with approx. 5'000 inhabitants - nothing fancy, with a bit of industry and tourism, because the area is very nice for hiking.

Castle in Carcassonne

When driving the way back, we obviously made sure not to drive the same ways as heading South. We drove along the Mediterranean Sea and stopped in Figueres, the city of Salvador Dali with an impressive museum of his works.

Bridge of Avignon

We went on to Carcassonne, which is a charming medieval city, where the historic part of the city is on a hill and looks the same as a few hundred years ago. The last major stop was Avignon, where we spend another full day before returning back to Switzerland via Aix-les-Bains.

Portbou, Spain

Also in terms of weather we were very lucky, such that we could drive open in our convertible car most of the time, enjoying a nice ride - like it used to be with the motorcycle ...

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