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Welcome to the Website of
Anton E. Tremp

It is my pleasure to welcome you to my website, which aims to serve as an extension to my profile on LinkedIn.

This allows me to share additional insights from my operational management roles, but also my broad range of business & corporate development and transformation engagements.

As today's increasingly globalized world is not only offering great opportunities, but at the same time also requiring all of us to adapt - on a personal level as well as on a corporate level - the focus of this website is mainly on the assignments related to Business Development as well as Business Transformations, which I had the privilege to lead. These engagements cover a wide range from Growth Initiatives, M&A Transactions including Post-Merger Integrations up to Restructuring Projects and Turnarounds.

Currently, I have the pleasure to lead a sizable local business unit in Saudi Arabia for a Swiss technology group. The entity covers the entire value chain for high voltage products, incl. local production. The goal of this engagement is - next to the usual management role - to develop and grow the organization in a focused manner.

With kind regards  

Anton E. Tremp