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Welcome to the Website of AntonfTremp 

It is a great pleasure to welcome you to my website, which serves as an extension of my LinkedIn profile.

This allows me to share some more details of my track record related to a broad range of management roles, as well as in particular the business development engagements & transformations, which I have lead.

I had the privilege to work not only for two global technology groups, but also a private equity firm, leading various large - sometimes even global - Business Transformations, as well as Business Development assignments. These engagements covered a wide range from Growth Initiatives, M&A Transactions including Post-Merger Integrations and Carve-Outs, to Restructuring Projects, and - last but not least - Turnarounds.

It also gave me the opportunity to work in many countries across the globe, like e.g. when I was leading a local business unit in Saudi Arabia. The entity covered the full value chain for High Voltage Products, incl. local production. Some of the experiences are described in a related Interview, as well as were published as a Case Study as part of the book 'International Leadership - Effecting Success Across Borders in a Boundaryless World', published by Springer Gabler.

In the past decades, our world was strongly driven by fundamental changes in terms of a more globalized approach towards business, as much as more recently by the increasing level of Digitalization, and in particular different forms of Digital Transformations. These changes not only created some challenges, but - more important - also great opportunities, provided we are able to adapt and transform at a personal level, as well as at the corporate level …

With kind regards  

Anton Tremp